Technical Reports


Technical Report No. 102
Dany Rios, F. Scholz, B. Jüttler:
Quadratic Surface Preserving Parameterization of Unorganized Point Data

Technical Report No. 101
B. Jüttler, J. Schicho, Z. Šir:
Apollonian de Casteljau-type Algorithms for Complex Rational Bézier Curves

Technical Report No. 100
L. Groiss, B. Jüttler, Maodong Pan:
On tensor-product bases of PHT-spline spaces

Technical Report No. 99
D. Mokriš, B. Jüttler:
Using Low-Rank Approximations of Gridded Data for Spline Surface Fitting

Technical Report No. 98
S. Merchel, B. Jüttler, D. Mokriš:
Adaptive and Local Regularization for Data Fitting by Tensor-Product Spline Surfaces

Technical Report No. 97
L. Groiss, B. Jüttler, Maodong Pan:
Local linear independence of bilinear (and higher degree) B-splines on hierarchical T-meshes


Technical Report No. 96
S. Merchel, B. Jüttler, D. Mokriš, Maodong Pan:
Fast Formation of Matrices for Least-Squares Fitting by Tensor-Product Spline Surfaces


Technical Report No. 95
B. Weiß, B. Jüttler, F. Aurenhammer:
Arc Fibration Kernels of Arc Spline Domains

Technical Report No. 94
D. Rios, B. Jüttler:
LSPIA, (Stochastic) Gradient Descent, and Parameter Correction

Technical Report No. 93
F. Scholz, B. Jüttler:
Using High-order Transport Theorems for Implicitly Defined Moving Curves to Perform Quadrature on Planar Domains
[PDF]. This technical report replaces report no 89.

Technical Report No. 92
S. Trautner, B. Jüttler, Myung-Soo Kim:
Representing planar domains by polar parameterizations with parabolic parameter lines

Technical Report No. 91
F. Scholz, B. Jüttler:
Parameterization for Polynomial Curve Approximation via Residual Deep Neural Networks

Technical Report No. 90
L. Groiss, B. Jüttler, D. Mokriš:
27 Variants of Tutte's Theorem for Plane Near-Triangulations and an Application to Periodic Spline Surface Fitting


Technical Report No. 89
F. Scholz, B. Jüttler:
High-order Quadrature on Planar Domains Based on Transport Theorems for Implicitly Defined Moving Curves.

Technical Report No. 88
Maodong Pan, B. Jüttler, A. Giust:
Fast Formation of Isogeometric Galerkin Matrices via Integration by Interpolation and Look-up.

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